Monday, October 12, 2009

crit notes, sorry its late!

So I aparently do not know how to manage time and unfortunately did not have as much time as I thought I might have to devote to each piece. Here is what I did manage to get written down :D

Steph - Zombie bite movie
-all the wounds were well done and convincing, use of liquid latex?
-effective use of stop motion-feel to convey passage of time
-transitions from stop motion to normal were a bit odd, hard for my mind to hold on/keep up

Ben - Monsters
-The photo has a surreal feeling to it, so the incorporation of the beasts feels natural/convincing, they are well placed/incorporated into their surrongdings - believable
-perspective on monsters makes them bigger than Ben, moves them deeper into the picture
-feeling of watching/hiding inside another building makes you feel like part of the scene as it appears to play out

Dani - Touch my skin
-lines and thread appear as veins and texture of book makes it seem like skin... is it human? o.O (before explanation)
-the threads add an extra layer and give the piece more depth/texture
-loose threads feel a bit detached due to difference in texture, mayps a coating for them as well?
-I would love to view the piece knowing what the title means, but after finding out the meaning behind the use of French, perhaps a seperate explanation for those of us not fluent in french would allow other artists to understand more of the Duchamp reference? I know you wanted a target audience, but possibly widen it a bit?

Phil - wood pieces
-stand alone trunk creates a nice shilouete, has a strong presence. reflective coating makes it look as if it's some other material made to look like wood, but our minds know it was once a tree
-collage piece with wires utilizes natural elements to create something you would never actualy find in nature.
-the branches are plugged into one another - i read it as showing today's society's dependance on technology. Similar to people going on a comping trip and longing for the comforts outlets can provide, being able to plug into the natural energy that is harnessed by trees

Cotton Candy
-clash between our minds reading them as soft and fluffy, and the solidness of the clay makes the viewer long for confirmatino through another sense - touch
-loce that they are so touchable, breaks the wall between the viewer and the rules of the gallery one might find them in

Esteban - wooden hill
-the shape comunicates an organic form, but the roughness of the cuts help to show the mark of the maker, handmade quality
-eventual taller-than-the-viewer size will add a sense of something small becoming big, while in reality, the city on top helps one realize it is actually something big made small.
-good that support syestem is hidden, makes structure appear more solid

Justin - human forms
-handprints suggest violence, or pain in the heat of passion, perhaps a different color to communicate passion? purple?
-KY lube is unnecessary, sexual context is clearly conveyed by the piece alone
-smaller figure could perhaps be turned around, trying not to think about something generaly means avoiding looking at it.
-need for smaller form? The larger form communicates most of the ideas behind the piece effectively on its own
-placement of silk? should the small figure be on it? places him on the same plane of existance as the 'thouhgt'
-light focused on one form or the other? helps to separate them as thought/reality

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