Monday, September 7, 2009

"What is it?"

This summer I spent working at the local quilt store near my parent’s house in Northern Virginia. My boss has been designing quilts, and fabric specifically for quilting since before I was born. She started when she was living in Africa and making quilts out of any and all scraps she could come across. She has lead the way in the movement bringing quilting into the art world, and has been a huge inspiration to me. As far as getting art work done this summer, I did get a few quilt tops pieced, and a few projects quilted, but found myself staying inside the realm of quilting and getting no other art work done all summer! This experience is wonderful for me to have, however, as I plan on incorporating as much of my knowledge of the quilting world into what I make as an artist.

Also over the summer I got to talk to a different sort of quilt artist named Paula Nadelstern. She designs quilts and fabrics based around kaleidoscopic designs. She recently had an exhibit up in New York, and is gaining recognition within the art community, as well as the quilting community.

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